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About us

We draw your attention to the fact that game features listed here may change slightly before release. Also, some of the activities are currently under revision.

General Information

The version of the game is

Work on the project has been going on since 2016. If you see this page - it means that it is still alive!

The storyline, combat mechanics, loot drop and the entire basic part of the game are ready.

What do you need to do to play? Is it free?

Our project is completely free to play. All you need to do is register, download our client and start playing!

You can also purchase premium on your account for some nice Quality of Life improvements.

How close is the game to the original?

At the moment, we have already implemented all the mechanics of the original game, current work is going on completing and filling in the missing content. We are constantly checking data on the official vanilla version, correcting our project for them.

However, we made some changes ourselves, correcting the flaws of the original vanilla version of the game. More details about them is written below.

Game Changes

- Own (completely random) generation of loot / stat on items.

- Changes in the gold/gems/crafting materials drop calculation.

- Side quests (events) give a 2% chance to receive a legendary item.

- Added a few locations that are missing in the original game.

What about the Auction House? Does it work?

At the moment, the auction house for game currency is fully operational.

We also plan to start trading for real money (RMAH) when the base of players and things becomes more essential for normal trading.

Where can I chat with players / write to developers?

We organize the main communication with other players and developers through our Discord.

There you can join discussions or leave your bug report.

Are unique innovations planned?

Yes, we are going to make our corrected variation of the original D3, without significantly changing the gameplay.

Perhaps in the future we can give our players PvP content or an improved season system.

How can I help the project in development?

You can always support our project financially through donations to our PayPal wallet ( [email protected] )

Purchasing Premium or Collector's Edition also helps us in development while also gaining benefits in-game.