D3 Reflection

How to play

In order to start playing on our server, you need to complete the following steps:
  • Sign up on the site here.
  • Download game client (ENG / RU torrent or ENG / RU direct link)
  • Install the game on your computer.
  • Use the D3ReflectionLauncher.exe to launch the game.
  • Press the "Update" button to patch client files, if available (mandatory!)
  • Use the login data for authorization.
  • Have a good game!


  • If you're stuck at game launch with a D3 logo - try to run it as Admin.
  • If you have an official BNet app - make sure it's not running on the background and "Automatic game update" option is disabled.
  • To avoid any problems with the launch, add the files D3ReflectionLauncher.exe ΠΈ Diablo III.exe to your AV software white list.
  • D3R is NOT a copy of original D3 server! We're doing this from scratch, there may be some minor issues. Read more here.